You can’t separate today’s generation from technology, can you? And you shouldn’t attempt to do it as well. With everything and everyone becoming so technologically-inclined, kids do not have an alternative to learning and knowing technology. However, like everything has two sides, being tech savvy can also have its pros and cons. Take the benefits of in-app purchase for example. If your kid uses your iPhone or iPad or Droid-based device to play games regularly, chances are that he would know about going to the next level of the app, even if that means purchasing the same. It’s interesting to see kids in so much comfort while using technology; however, if you look at the flip-side of this situation, you will surely find it scary.

In-App Purchase Utility and Kids

Let me elaborate this for you.

Most games and applications offer the first few levels for free. Once you are addicted to the app, you will have to pay a ‘small price’ to get to the advanced versions of the same. Now, addiction in itself is a big thing and you may not mind paying the small price to continue enjoying the fun. However, you may decide to not go in for the paid version and switch to some other – similar or different – application. If you could do a role reversal of sort with your kid, in all likelihood, he will be tempted to go in for the paid version. If he tries to purchase the version with your consent, great; in case he plans to do it even without it, what would you do? You could pretty soon join the list of shocked parents who have to deal with exorbitant credit card bills, all because their kids indulged in some ‘precious in-apps purchase’!

The least you can do to avoid this situation is set the Parental Controls feature in your security suite to restrict all in-apps purchases…

Here are the simple steps that you can apply to complete this task.

Steps to restrict the in-app purchase in your different devices

Restrict in-app purchases on your iPhone, iPad

  • On your iOS-based device, go to the ‘Settings’ icon.
  • Tap the ‘General’ option and further access the ‘Enable Restrictions’ option.
  • Set a password – typically a four-digit code to ensure that the modified settings aren’t tampered with.
  • Visit the ‘Allowed Content’ section and tap on the ‘Restrictions’ page.
  • In the ‘In-app Purchase’ option, tap on it to enable the ‘Off’ mode of the same.

At this point in time, set the ‘Require Password’ option to ‘Immediately’. This will make sure that even if immediately after you have set the restrictions, someone attempts to make a purchase, he won’t get the 15-minute default time window to do. He will have to furnish the password to be able to complete the purchase process.

Parental Controls

Restrict in-app purchases on your Android

To be able to restrict the in-app purchase on your Droid-based device,

  • Go to the ‘Settings’ option and then access the ‘Users’ section.
  • Add a restricted profile here completed with a profile name, the apps that you want to allow the access to, the apps download that you want to block, and restrict the access to app stores – Google and other third-parties.
  • Do not forget to secure the settings with a pass code that only you should know.

Restrict in-app purchases on your Windows 8-based device

On your Windows Phone 8, set-up a kid’s corner to ensure that your kid has limited access to the contents of your Phone while he is enjoying playing games on it.

Set the restrictions that you want to and make this corner safe for your kid and your budget.

In-app purchase is a handy utility that gives you the flexibility to purchase your favorite apps, straight from your device, without having to look for them elsewhere. However, with kids around and many of the apps costing you a bomb, you can’t help but set up restrictions to completely disable this utility or limit its reach.