You are up to date on the predictions for the New Year; are you also informed on what is in store for you in the cyber security space?

 2014 Security Prediction Released The Top Five Threats You Should Know

Here is the list of e-threats that plan to keep you busy in the coming year. Well, of course if such hazards are on the prowl, you can’t have a good night’s sleep and not worry about your online identity and safety. To enjoy your peace and security coverage, here’s what you need to watch out for…

The nastiest ones that you should know of include:

Ransomware or PC kidnapping

In the year that is ending soon, you’ve seen that Ransomware came up from almost nowhere and managed to even rob you off your hard-earned money and identity. This cyber threat isn’t going off anywhere, anytime soon and predictions regarding it are rife that this risk is going to increase manifolds in the coming year. With whatever success and attention they have garnered by scaring individual customers, Ransomware makers are now eyeing to attack business setups. So, if you belong to the latter category, beware!

Hacktivism2014 Security Prediction Released Top Five Threats You Should Know

These have been around for some time now and will be equally ‘active’ next year as well. If you always thought that these are only relevant for individual PC users and all high-end gadgets that are duly secured can conveniently escape the clutches of hacktivists, think again. As per security reports, hacktivists are now looking for opportunities to crack through the safety barriers installed in cars, medical devices, and even toys…

State-sponsored attacks

Critical infrastructure and non-networked infrastructure are also potential high-risk zones in the coming year. Security loop holes will actually make you pay for, like it has never before.

Malware and more

Cyber criminals are burning the midnight lamp to design hard-coded Trojans and other malware that are much more deceptive and tricky in nature as compared to their counterparts released in 2013. Unless you have really-solid security software in place, these will surely make it tough for you to safeguard your online privacy and data.

Recycled threats

And while the newer threats are stealing all the limelight, do not forget the destructive malware from this year. They are nasty and will continue to attack the cyber space in the coming year too. So, beware!

2014 Security Prediction Released


Make 2014 a year that you will remember for all the good reasons. Remain alert and keep yourself online safe. You’ve been away from threats and malware this year; keep all your digital data and identity safe and sound next year too – and that way you will truly enjoy the New Year that is to come…