The Internet is an ocean of information – information available in the form of text, videos, images, audio clips, presentations, and so on. Separating the Internet from our lives today seems impossible; rather, the dependency is growing at a phenomenal rate. One may reach out to the Internet for knowledge, entertainment, communication, transaction, socialize and even crime. Yes! Crime is becoming popular via the online path and you will be shocked to learn the statistics that show facts and figures referring to the crimes committed online – and this is as per the global stats.

Net crime or crimes committed through the medium of the Internet are as nasty and scandalous for the victims, as are the sufferers of physical crimes. Unsuspecting online surfers are on daily basis being targeted by cyber crooks, who are being duped off their hard earned money, their personal and financial credentials and in extreme cases also of their identity. Yes, the picture is indeed scary and most users who are either ignorant of the Internet malpractices or are plainly careless, typically end up becoming a soft target.

Online privacy is as much a raging issue on the Internet as are the others. Will you find it startling to learn that while you are surfing the Internet, there are several companies who are tracking your online activities? And to top it, the information will be sold to vendors and advertisers and even crooks who can then use the data for a variety of purposes – including crime.

Here’s everything you ought to know about Cookies, small text strings that are used by website owners to track your online activities…